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About Jonathan Hewitt

Meet Jonathan Hewitt, the grassroots candidate stepping forward to challenge this district's liberal, six-year incumbent and bring a return of conservative values to the office of our state representative.

Republican for House District 101

Jonathan Hewitt's journey of service began at age 18 in the Marine Corps, working on F-18 avionics at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort South Carolina. After five years in the Corps, Hewitt continued service to his community, this time, for four and a half years as a deputy sheriff in Beaufort County South Carolina.

In 2021, Jonathan and his wife, Kimber, made the decision to move to Oklahoma as the best place to start and raise their family. Last year, they welcomed their daughter, Scarlett.

Since then, Jonathan has served in the House of Representatives, where he worked for one of the most principled, conservative members of the House and helped put together Oklahoma's pro-life law, a law specifically criticized by Kamala Harris.

Today, as a police officer in Moore, Jonathan continues his service to the public. Kimber also works in law enforcement as a member of Cleveland County's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit.

The Hewitts attend church at St. Phillip Neri in Midwest City. Jonathan is the past President of Little Axe Youth Sports. He's a Constitution Bible Coach at Patriot Academy and, now, having witnessed firsthand the liberalism of the current six-year incumbent state representative — who scored a mere 40 on The Oklahoma Conservative Index in 2023, and a low 30.43% on the Republican Platform Scorecard — Jonathan is again hearing the call to serve: with your vote, he seeks to restore conservative values in the office of our state representative.

Jonathan Hewitt for House District 101 Flier

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Jonathan Hewitt's Special Report

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Jonathan's Platform

Jonathan Hewitt is taking a bold stand for the House, driven by a mission to shield our nation and state from the relentless onslaught against our core values, freedoms, and individual liberties. Like many of us, Jonathan feels deeply betrayed by Republican politicians who pledge allegiance to our values on the campaign trail, only to abandon them once in office. Determined to turn the tide, Jonathan Hewitt is challenging the status quo to preserve our cherished individual freedoms, our state's integrity, and our nation's future. Stand with Jonathan in this pivotal battle for our values by casting your vote for him on June 18th.

The Issues

Protect Constitutional Freedoms

Jonathan will always uphold the sanctity of life, defend the 2nd Amendment and push back against the many, growing attacks on our 1st Amendment freedom of speech.

Oppose "Legalized Corruption"

Jonathan will oppose the many corporate welfare programs that are frequently supported by our six-year incumbent. This includes the mega, green-energy subsidies he has frequently voted to give to the woke, international corporations. These many give aways are “legalized corruption” and favor the elite, who have the means to hire lobbyists, legal counsel, and financial experts, leaving the common citizen to pick up the tab.

Strengthen Oklahoma’s election laws.

Oklahoma's voting regulations, especially the ones permitting unrestricted mail-in voting, are susceptible to ballot harvesting and urgently need revision.

This is What Makes Jonathan Hewitt Different

Rejecting ALL contributions and gifts from lobbyists and their employers

This is the difference maker; it sets Jonathan apart from Robert Manger — the six-year incumbent — and almost all other candidates who have sought state office.

Jonathan will turn down all campaign funds and personal gifts from lobbyists and their employers. Robert Manger's liberalism (he scored 40% on The Oklahoma Conservative Index and 30% on The Republican Platform Scorecard in 2023) shows the grave danger in taking from the special interests. Their "legalized corruption" ruins Republican office holders!

Stop Robert Manger's Orwellian Surveillance State

Robert Manger is The Author of The Plan to Track Our Movements

Jonathan's election on June 18th will send a signal to the entire State of Oklahoma: Oklahoma believes in liberty and Robert Manger's Orwellian, warrantless tracking program isn't going to happen here.

Protect Our Values

Fight the Woke Agenda and Oppose DEI

Jonathan will always oppose all DEI proposals and the woke insanity, especially in our schools.

Robert Manger's Orwellian Plan

Flock Camera in Guthrie Oklahoma
Can you spot the scanner? A scanner guards the entrance to Guthrie, Oklahoma. That town is being slowly encircled by scanners using Flock technology – a technology that can send custom alerts to the government whenever a person enters or leaves town, no warrant required.

Is it 1984 in Oklahoma?

Jonathan Hewitt is stepping up as the guardian of our privacy against an unsettling rise in surveillance technology.

Hewitt, a seasoned police officer with a deep respect for personal freedoms, is spotlighting the concerning spread of hundreds of license plate scanners across the state and nation.

These rapidly deployed devices—sometimes funded by the Biden DOJ—are creating a near-ubiquitous, omnipresent surveillance network, and in some instances, the FBI and the ATF have been given access to these systems, thus potentially providing the federal government with warrantless real-time monitoring of our traffic.

The systems allow operators to set custom alerts and provide notification whenever a person, whom they are tracking—without a warrant—travels past a scanner.

Imagine the possible abuses of this system, a system that can track you everywhere you go!

These scanners are designed to not only capture information about your license plate, but many other of your vehicle’s characteristics including your bumper stickers.

Hundreds of scanners have already been deployed across the state.

In nearby Del City, they are scanning vehicles and appear to be providing access to that data to departments in three states, including the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, the Postal Service, and the Texas Financial Crimes Intelligence Center.

Why does Del City need to share your travel data with these bizarre, out-of-state agencies?

There's one, very thin, roadblock still remaining to the surveillance state's effort to develop these networks: Except for insurance verification reasons, their tracking devices have never been specifically authorized by state law.

But, unbelievably, given the conservative values of our district, it's our representative, Robert Manger, who is authoring the bill to statutorily authorize these devices.

Fortunately, Manger's bill was defeated by a wide margin in it’s first floor vote on the Senate floor after the Senate author admitted that the plan would share our travel data with governments outside of Oklahoma.

But, Manger and the other advocates for this Orwellian system are very likely to do what big government advocates always do: try and try again until their system is in place. That’s why we must replace Manger.

We know where Manger’s plan is ultimately going to end up: warrantless, real-time, FBI and ATF surveillance of everywhere we go.

This is what is on the ballot on June 18th. When we vote for Hewitt, we will send a powerful message to the whole state: Take down the scanners! George Orwell's 1984 has no place in Oklahoma.

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House District 101 Map

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